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Telling Your Story Attracts Customers

Given the times, e-commerce is expanding. To take advantage of this shift and ensure the viability of your company, there is no time like the present to make sure your business is online. But being online is just the first step. Customers have to find you online and make the decision to do business with you over the next company in their search.

Being authentic by telling your own personal story works to engage and endear customers. Sharing your story and experiences can help you stand out from the competition and position you to stand up against the larger more established companies.

Instead of just having an About section that talks about the technical aspects of your products and services, Use that opportunity to tell your story on your website. You are the only you there is and it is one key factor that can differentiate you from other businesses in your category.

Told authentically, your story can grab attention, win hearts and build a connection with customers. Your story can give others a reason to love and be loyal to you and your company.

Here are three simple ways to frame the telling of your story:

1) Why Did You Get Into Business. Talk about the moment you decided to start your business. What was the deciding factor? What was going on in your life at the time that lead to you taking that first step. Who was your support? What was your inspiration?

2) Be Authentic. Connect with your customer. Focus on the things you have in common. Let your customers know that they are not alone. After all, you’re one of them.

3) Share Your Core Values. Briefly explain how your story laid the foundation for your company’s core values and how your goal is to be there for your customers to meet their needs.

Be true to yourself and be transparent. You’ll be surprised at the feedback you get and the bonds you will build. Authentic connections last.

Have fun in telling your story. It will make the difference between someone using your products and services, or continuing to search for a good fit for to meet their needs.

Do You Need A Website?

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